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My two favorite Northwest Indiana parks to walk dogs.

Everyone who owns a dog has taken them on at least one walk. Many pet parents are regulars and often meet up with other friends and make a weekly thing of it. They have their favorite spots for a variety of reasons.

I have only lived in Northwest Indiana for a couple of years now. I retired from active duty several years ago. While on active duty I moved every two to three years and moved some more in retirement.

Living in one place for an extended period is new to me and I am now exploring the area more and relaxing to the idea of settling down.

Northwest Indiana is a fun place to explore with your dog. My first introduction to the area was of course the Indiana Dunes National Park. It was in late frigid October, but it was a lot of fun. The beaches were empty, and I was able to relax about encountering other dogs.

A back story I have a ton of anxiety about walking dogs, particularly in neighborhoods. Years ago, when I had my two Jack Russell’s I used to walk them in the neighborhoods I lived in. Unfortunately, I had multiple encounters with loose dogs that came after my dogs on walks. If you know the personality of a terrier you know these encounters didn’t go well.

So now as I explore the Northwest Indiana area, I look for open areas that don’t have a lot of foot traffic.

I also like to avoid peak times to lessen the number of people/dogs encountered. As you know this makes a huge difference and is not always feasible.

Lemon Lake County Park

So far, I have found two places I love to frequent. The first one is Lemon Lake County Park in Crown Point Indiana.

This park has 402 acres to explore with paved trails to walk on. It has many different open areas where you can also walk and avoid people.

The area off to the right as you enter the park is perfect. It doesn’t have designated trails but is the least traveled. You can walk up and down the hills and allow your dog to sniff away, particularly if you are using a long lead.

They do have a very large 14-acre dog park that is perfect for dogs who are accustomed to mingling and meeting new friends.

You do need to register your dog to use the dog park. It is worth it since it is huge and has lots of room to run and explore.

The area by the large lake has nice, paved trails that weave their way through the trees. It is gorgeous and very peaceful.

Other areas in the park are perfect places to explore. Depending on the time of day you may have soccer matches going on or individuals throughout the park playing frisbee golf.

It is a great park to explore with all two and four-legged members of your family.

This past fall I made sure to check out the fall colors. Here are the pictures of my baby girl and fur nephew.

Belgian Malinois, Lemon Lake County Park, Crown Point Indiana
Chiweenie, Lemon Lake County Park, Crown Point Indiana

Lake County Fair Grounds

German Shepherd, Lake County Fairgrounds, Crown Point Indiana

The other place I love to walk, is the Lake County Fairgrounds. This fun place is also in Crown Point Indiana and has rolling hills and lots of trees.

I like this area because the roads serve as walking trails and there is a lot of variety with various buildings and barns on the property.

If you go at the right time of day, there is not a lot of car traffic, and you can walk on the roads without interruption. The main roads in and out of the grounds are a little busier.

On the north side of the grounds, there are multiple roads that lead to various barns. You can allow your pup to explore and check out the remnant smells of the farm animals.

This is perfect to stimulate that doggie brain and expose them to new smells.

The best part of the fairgrounds is the abundance of trees and how most roads wind through them. This allows you to walk in the shade where it is cooler on summer days.

You do see foot traffic even on cold days. However, there is ample space to move aside and pass. Also, you can see everything well in advance to allow you to adjust your course accordingly.

German Shepherd Lake County Fair Grounds, Crown Point Indiana

Like Lemon Lake Park, the Fairground has a large lake and covered bridge to offer variety on your walks.

I love both locations and often hold portrait sessions here.

Both locations are perfect for any type of dog. Shy or nervous dogs will like these areas the best. While we will encounter dogs and people at these locations; they are at greater distances that do not impede our portrait sessions.


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