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Are you accused of liking dogs more than humans? Do you walk down the street and look at the dogs, not the humans? Do you remember the dog's name but not the human's?

Me too!!! I love dogs, they bring me so much joy and happiness that brightens my day and most importantly my heart. This business was created to share my love for dogs with others by creating stunning dog portraits for pet parents to proudly display and enjoy for a lifetime.


Hi, I am Denise. After serving on active duty for 20 years in the Air Force, a change was needed. This change focused on what makes me happy while living life to the fullest. This led to my full-time pursuit of both pet and travel photography. I travel more and I am very active in my dog's life. You can find us in a dog sport class or competing in dock diving, agility, nose work, and barn hunt. We are both having the time of our lives!

What does this all mean for you? 

Your dog is loved like it's my own. You are very well prepared through written and verbal communication during the entire process. Your questions are answered quickly. It also means you can expect meticulous attention to detail in your portraits and products. The result, you and your dog will have a great stress-free time ending with amazing portraits and products!

I can't wait to meet you and the special dog in your life!

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