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Keep your dog safe in the snow and cold

Winter is upon us in full force and it is important to keep our pets safety in mind. While you are probably aware of what to do it never hurts to refresh our memories.

Watch their paws

There paws are just like our hands and fingers and are the first to suffer cold related injuries. Here are some things to think about.

Trim the hair in their feet. This prevents snow and ice building up and leads to abrasions.

Clean their feet after walking on chemically streets and sidewalks. These harsh chemicals can irritate their feet.

Consider booties for their paws. I know it is easier said than done. My girl still doesn't like the booties. However, wearing them will eliminate the need to do the above steps. Plus they look adorable with a matching jacket.

Limit exposure

Look at this the same way you do for yourself or children. Only let them go out for a couple of minutes to do their business and bring them in.

Put a jacket on them. This will keep them toasty and help minimize their exposure. Particularly those who like to take their time finding a spot to potty.

Also, keep an eye on the younger and older dogs. They are not able to regulate their body temperatures like other dogs. Therefore, they may have more reactions to the cold than others. So keep their time outside short.


This substance is extremely toxic and can cause fatalities. The smallest amount can do serious harm to them. Keep an eye on your dog when you are on walks or around the garage. If you suspect they ingested some go to the veterinarian immediately.

Other things to consider

Don't let them on thin ice that covers ponds or streams, due to the risk of falling in.

Get them a heated bed. They will love you for it, you can't say you don't love a heated blanket to snuggle up in.

Lastly, have a contingency plan to keep your dog and yourself warm incase of a power outage.

Hopefully, these were good refresher items to help keep your pet safe. Stay safe and warm.


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