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Check out Centennial Park in Munster Indiana!!

Dog at Centennial Park, Munster Indiana

If you haven't done so already, you need to check out this urban gem.

When you are in the park you wouldn't know you are surrounded by a busy four-lane road, hotels and medical facilities.

The park surrounds a large lake, has two bridges crossing over the lake and lots of trees.

This park is the largest park in Munster Indiana and has a lot to offer any type of park explorer.

Dog Park

A park isn't complete unless it has a dog park, but I am biased. This park doesn't disappoint.

This park has a lovely three-acre dog park. You must register your dogs to gain access but it is a great spot.

The park is split into two areas: one for small dogs and one for large. The area has water fountains, picnic tables, agility equipment and shelters.

Each year the park hosts a Canine Cannonball and Bow Wow and Meow Fair each year.

I love how they host dog specific events each year!

Walking Paths

There are several paths that take you through the park and over the lake.

You can stroll through rows of large trees or get a workout climbing the exercise stairs on the hill by the golf course.

No matter what path you take the scenery helps you escape the urban surroundings.

Several sculptures adorn the walking path, adding an artistic touch to the park.

The paths are easy to walk with subtle changes in elevation. This makes it very easy for all levels of walkers.

Wait there is more!!

This park has even more features for everyone in the family. You can fish in the lake, with a permit of course.

A large playground is located at one end of the park. On the other end of the park, there is a driving range and a 9-hole golf course.

There is even an amphitheater in the park overlooking the tranquil lake and can accommodate up to 2,000 people.

The amphitheater hosts various activities throughout the year such as movie nights, fireworks and much more!

Check out the event schedule at;timeframe=2;;eGov_searchDepartment=145&year=2023&month=6&day=1

You can hold gatherings at one of the four picnic shelters areas spread throughout the park. Perfect for family reunions or graduations.

A great relaxing spot is the two formal gardens. These gardens are surrounded by white picket fences. They are packed with a variety of plants and shade pergolas. You can sit on the benches and easily get lost in the sounds of nature.

Dog in formal gardens Centennial Park Munster Indiana

A must-see!

If you are looking for somewhere new to explore, I highly recommend this park. It has a ton of diversity and activities packed into the park.

It is a great park for strolls to decompress after a long day, hanging out with friends at movie night, playing with the kids, or getting in a round of golf.

There is something for everyone! I enjoy the park and often hold portrait sessions there.


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