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Pet Photography
Crafting amazing art for busy pet parents before it's too late

 Northwest Indiana and Chicago Areas


Three framed pictures of two Portugese Water dogs in a living room above a fireplace. Water Dog


Tired of those blurry cell phone pictures? Frustrated with not getting the best picture? 


It is time to hire a professional and that is me!


You will love this all inclusive pet portrait session!


Why? You don't have to worry about anything.    


From finding a photo location, products you will purchase, even ordering and delivering the products!! Everything is done for you.


All you need to do is bring your kiddo to the portrait session and have a blast.


The results, great memories, gorgeous portraits and products for a lifetime of enjoyment. 


Time is not on our side!! Our pets don't live as long as we want them to and we owe it to them to act now and get amazing portraits. 

I can't wait to meet you and your beloved four-legged friend and craft some amazing memories!


Pre-Session Consultation

We will schedule a call when you pay the $190 non-refundable session retainer. We will discuss your goals for the portrait session, choose a location, and select a session date. This call allows us to get to know each other and is key to making your portrait session even more successful.

Session Day

This day your dog will shine! You and your dog will relax and enjoy letting your dog be themselves. The session will take place at an outdoor location we have chosen together and last roughly 60 minutes. We will include water breaks and play time. If your dog needs a little more time, don't worry. We will work at their pace. 

The Reveal

This is where the excitement is! Roughly two weeks following your portrait session we will meet in person to review the stunning images. You will choose your favorites and we will work together to select your products. At the end of this meeting, your order is paid for and placed.


The day you have been waiting for, the products have arrived! I will personally deliver the products or we can arrange a pickup. Either way, you will love the artwork and enjoy them for a lifetime.

Let's have fun together and create amazing images!

If you have questions or want additional information before you book, no worries. I am here to help you. Click below to schedule a free 15-minute no-obligation call. 

Are you worried your dog can't do this?

Trust me they can! I have faith in your fur baby. We only need a split second to capture the moment.


Plus all the dogs I photograph are on a leash. 

Still don't believe me? Check out the before and after images below. Milo was nervous and didn't want to be far from his mom. 


Doesn't he look handsome? 


Is your dog a key member of the family? Do you love them as much as your children or significant other? If so, their portraits deserve a spot right next to the other family portraits.

Unfortunately, our dogs are not with us forever. You deserve to have the best images and products to not only showcase them now but something to reflect on years later.

Because your dog deserves the best, the products you will choose from are the finest products from around the world. There are handcrafted fine art photo albums or folio boxes to stunning large wall art and much more! Check out some samples below. Minimum investment is $300.

A canvas portrait of a Golden Retriever in a field of yellow flowers.  The picture is hanging over a bed.


Custom Wall Art

Custom Albums

k2-4 copy.jpg


Custom Folio Box

k2-3 copy.jpg
k2-1 copy.jpg

Acrylic Block


k2-2 copy.jpg

Album Block

You and your beloved pet deserve the very best. 


A picture of a German Shepherd dog.

"My Mom asked Miss Denise to photograph me and my 2 brothers, separately of course. I am the Diva of the house and can be a little nervy around other dogs and unfamiliar surroundings

She chose nice quiet locations so my Mom and I would feel comfortable

I have to say Miss Denise was awesome at making me feel at ease and took her time to get the best photos to capture my personality. 

My Mom could not have been happier with the results of both my pictures and those of my brothers, mine especially since I am the favorite.

I highly recommend Denise and look forward to our next photo session."         


"My brother and I recently enjoyed a portrait session with Miss Denise. She was amazing!

I did fabulously, I sat still, worked the camera, and looked gorgeous as always. 

My little brother on the other hand, I swear he had ants in his pants. He would not sit still and only looked at our

Mom or a leaf that blew by. Boys will be boys!


However, this didn't bother Miss Denise. She was very patient with him and kept taking photographs. I am very impressed with the portraits she took of him. He looks handsome and in some pictures his goofy personality shines through.

My Mom is over the moon with how our portraits turned out. She has been telling everyone!" -Ivanka and Milo

A picture of a Belgian Malinois and a German Shepherd.


  • My dog is a little (insert adjective here; shy, fearful, hyper), can they do a portrait session?
    Of course! During our pre-session planning call we will discuss your dog's temperament and environmental stimuli. We will make sure your pup is stress-free and enjoying the day. Besides my camera can capture up to 20 images a second. So we just need a split second to capture the moment.
  • My dog can't be off leash, can we still get stunning photos?
    Absolutely! your dog's safety is the top priority in a photo session. All the dogs I photograph are on a leash. Over the years I have learned many tricks to remove leashes or unwanted items from images.
  • What is a session retainer fee? How much is the fee?
    Not only does the $190 non-refundable session retainer fee secure spot on the calendar for a portrait session; it comes with so much more!! You will receive a 30-minute session planning call. We get to know each other, cover all the details of the portrait session and talk about what you want to do with the images. We will schedule both your portrait session and your image review and ordering appointment during the call. Following the call, I will provide you with both a Session Preparation Guide and Product Guide. You can review these at your leisure and ask questions. Next, the session retainer fee covers your portrait session. This session will last at least 60 minutes. If your dog needs more time, no problem. The goal is they feel comfortable and relaxed. Finally, the fee gives you an in-person image review and ordering appointment. This is the exciting part!! We look at your images, select your favorites and order your products. Products must be ordered and paid in full at this appointment.
  • Do I have to select a collection now?
    It is not necessary to know what collection you want. It is important to have an idea of how you will display the stunning portraits. This will allow us to make the most of your portrait session. Once you book your session I will send you a detailed product guide. You can browse it at your leisure, have your friends and family help you select the collection you want and any additional products.
  • How far do you travel?
    My travel radius is 45 miles outside of St. John, Indiana. However, I am willing to travel further and will add a travel fee based on the distance. We can also meet in the middle at a location we decide on together. Feel free to contact me to discuss our options.
  • How many dogs are included in a session?
    All dogs in the same household are included which is usually two dogs. If you love dogs so much and you have a small herd we can work something out. Just send me a note or schedule a call so we can discuss all the details.
  • Can humans be in the photos?
    My style of photography focuses on the dog and not traditional family portraits with your dog. The humans in my portraits are usually in the distance or out of focus. The relationship you have with your beloved dog is captured.


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